Think you might be an itsy bitsy teeny little bit addicted to blogging? Let’s see how you fare on this checklist..

1 ) Every time you go out, you take photos as “it’ll be great for your blog.” Even if it’s just a trip to ASDA. You don’t even notice your family rolling their eyes any more.

2 ) In fact, you rarely go out unless it’s blog fodder

3 ) You work from home but plan your outfits meticulously, take a snap for WIWT…then change back into your PJs.

4 ) Your dinner is often cold as your spend so long Instagramming it.

5 ) When a friend wants to catch up, you direct her to your latest blog posts.

6 ) You refer to your blog followers as your fans. Without a hint of irony.

7 ) You no longer buy things. You put out PR requests for them. Even your groceries

8 ) You allow an extra half an hour when applying make up, so you can snap your look step-by-step for your blog.

9 ) You check your blog stats three times a day  once an hour  every five minutes.

10 )  When you meet people who don’t blog/Tweet/Instagram/Pin/Stumble, you wonder what they must do in their spare time. Or on the bus. Or in super-important-but-dull meetings. Or on the loo.

How many are you guilty of?