About Me

I’m Emma, a coach for freelancers. I help freelancers grow their business and achieve their work and life goals, through coaching, online courses, templates and tips.

About Me

I’m Emma, a coach for freelancers. I help freelancers grow their business and achieve their work and life goals, through coaching, online courses, templates and tips.

My Story


I’m Emma Cossey, a long-term freelancer, mum and all round digital geek, and I’m happy to welcome you to The Freelance Lifestyle.

I launched this blog in 2011, to provide freelancers with down-to-earth support, and practical advice. I wanted it to be a kind, supportive place to get tips and advice on living a great freelance life (without the constant narrative of ‘earn six figures or you’re failing’).

Since then, the community has morphed into that friendly and honest place I dreamt of visiting when I first started out as a freelancer back in 2009. The space to celebrate successes, discuss the challenging elements of freelancing, and to connect with others on the same path. Because working on your own shouldn’t mean being alone!

What’s here for you?

I’ve spent years building up my own freelance business. I’ve been a pro blogger, a social media consultant, a copywriter, a teacher… but my passion is helping people just like you take the next step. So whether you want to pick up tips from the blog, listen in to the podcast, come join the Facebook group or get some more focused 1-2-1 support with my coaching, there’s something here for you.

Fancy having a no-strings chat about your next steps? Send me a message.

Client Love…

“Being in the Business Lounge feels like having a freelance family – there’s always someone there to offer a helpful perspective, a piece of advice, or a virtual hug! The weekly calls keep me accountable – plus seeing and talking to other people about what’s going on in our businesses is incredibly reassuring. The coaching exercises Emma runs are where I can really feel myself being supported and stretched. I can honestly say I set and achieve goals that I wouldn’t without The Business Lounge”.

Rebecca BroadFreelance Communicator

“When I joined the business lounge I had work coming in but was in need of a new challenge. Working through Emma’s group exercises and having the support of the group really helped me focus on what I was needing. I now have a handful of new and exciting projects and opportunities lined up for 2020 and feel I am moving my career forward”

Lyndsey Clark, 

Freelance museum and exhibitions consultant

“The Freelance Business Lounge is packed full of resources and has everything you need whether you’re at the start of your freelance journey or have been going for a while. Emma is an experienced freelancer and coach. She shares her years of experience so you can hit the ground running and not fumble your way through freelance life. She also brings her calmness to the group and is great to chat to if you’re having a wobble.”

 Lisa Pierce, Tech & Marketing Strategist

Free Support

I’ve got lots of free support and goodies available for you too!

All of this can be found on my Freebies page.

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Pitch Tips

Pitch Tips

Organise a ‘drop-in’ session in a coffee shop, where people can get 10-15 minute consultations, in exchange for the price of a coffee.
Find a Twitter chat for your area or industry and get involved!
Jump on Instagram Stories and record an introduction story to add to your Highlights.
Share a testimonial on your social media channels.
Ask for testimonials from clients, either with an e-mail template or through LinkedIn.
Update your Google My Business listing, and download the My Business app to update it regularly.
Ask your clients to review your business on Google My Business.
Share a ‘thought-leadership’ post on LinkedIn. More eyes on your content, more eyes on your profile!
Make a note of all the promotion days in the Facebook groups you’re in, and create an eye-catching graphic or photo for them.
Offer to add clients to a monthly newsletter where you update on news relevant to them (and the services you have that can help them with it!).
Offer clients and past clients a referral bonus. This could be a £10 Amazon card, a complimentary hour of your services or a small % off their next invoice.
Pitch yourself to podcasts as a guest.
Write a list of 10 companies you’d love to work with, and follow them on social media. Interact! Build a relationship. Then pitch.
Follow the #journorequest on Twitter for PR opportunities.

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