Do you have a freelancer in your life that you want to treat this Christmas? Or stuck for ideas on what to ask for? This is the guide for you – The 2017 Gift Guide For Freelancers!


  • Awesome Marketing Planner – I used the 2017 one, and have pre-ordered my 2018 one. Packed full of features, from social media planning to wall planner.
  • Never Read The Comments notebook – Well, we’re all guilty of diving into Facebook comment threads aren’t we?
  • Bossing It Journal – Is it possible to have too many journals? Because I really want this one.
  • Moo voucher Business cards are essential as a freelancer, and Moo makes it a lot more fun to do them. A voucher would be perfect!


  • Quite a few people in my Facebook group want a new laptop for Christmas. If you’re after a budget option and you mainly work online (and mainly use cloud-based apps), I’d highly recommend a Chromebook. I have a Dell Chromebook, and use it far more than my Macbook – especially as it’s light, extremely fast (as everything is on Google Drive) and lasts for most of the day. Plus you can usually get one for less than £300. Alternatively if you need something for more powerful tasks like video editing etc, the Macbook Pro is for you.
  • Looking for a standing desk? Try the Yo Yo! 
  • iPhone stand and light. I recently bought this stand for live streaming, and really rate it.
  • If podcasting is your goal for 2018, the Blue Yeti microphone is touted as one of the best value and quality
  • Alexa. God I love Alexa. She helps me set timers for the oven when I’m juggling a toddler. She tells me the news headlines. She tells me what the weather will be like today. She plays my music.


Stocking Fillers

  • Slippers – OK, these don’t really fall into the category of stocking fillers as they’re £79, but they’re perfect for home workers who occasionally need to nip outside. Mahabis are slippers with a solid sole you can pop on for when you’re outside.
  • Heated blanket. When you work from home, anything heated is a bonus. This heated blanket will not only keep you cosy, but it has a very Hygge vibe about it.
  • A Gin making kit (no explanation needed)

What do you think of this gift guide for freelancers? What’s on your Christmas wishlist?