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Welcome to my page of everything I offer! Here you’ll find all the services, freebies and resources I offer on www.freelancelifestyle.co.uk.

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Services for freelancers


Freelance Voxer Coaching

Over the last couple of years, Voxer coaching has become a hugely popular alternative to traditional coaching in person or over Zoom. Voxer Coaching is coaching that takes place over voice messages or in text format – but the difference is, when you’re recording the audio, the other person can hear it live. A bit like a walkie talkie! It means you can get bite-sized coaching, or coaching across a whole day, but you can fit it in around other things. I often have clients who use it when they’re walking back from the school run, fitted in between meetings or while they make lunch.

Freelance Coaching and Mentoring

Looking for a Power Hour to boost your freelance business and deep dive into a business idea? Or perhaps you’re looking for something more in-depth and long-term, in which case the Freelance Fairy Godmother three month package is for you. More info on both packages here.

Freelance Business Lounge

The Freelance Business Lounge is the membership for freelancers who want group support, access to all my membership resources and Voxer support on Tuesdays. This membership is currently nearing capacity and in waitlist mode, but drop me a message if you’re interested in joining!

Courses for freelancers


All of the courses I run can be found here. But you can see them all below!

10 templates for £10 – £10

Looking for email templates that will make your freelance life easier? Here are ten templates to get you started, from pitching templates and emails to turn down clients, to raising your prices and dealing with brain pickers!

30 Days To Go Freelance – £19

Want to go freelance but not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered! In this course, I’ll take you through the steps of getting set up in 30 days, with lots of bite-sized tasks so it’s not overwhelming!

Four Weeks Of Freelance Habits – £5

Small changes can make a huge difference. I’m a big fan of mini habits that can make a big impact on your life, and so I created Four Weeks of Freelance Habits! In this mini course, you’ll encounter a pic’n’mix approach to trying out a habit from a selection each week, to find out what works best for you.

Freelancing for Graduates – £39

Are you a recent graduate looking to take control of your career and work on your own terms? Do you dream of being your own boss and having the flexibility to choose when and where you work? Are you ready to get into the working world, but want to graze at the freelance buffet to work out what you want to focus on? Freelancing might be the perfect path for you.

Goal Setting For Freelancers – £9

Want to get more focused and achieve your goals? In this mini course, I talk you through how to set goals, how to actually achieve them, and what to do when the motivation wears off (because hi, I have ADHD and I know that feeling SO well!)

How To Find Clients – £29

How to find clients quickly and easily, without pushy sales techniques!

Make Your Values Your Superpowers – £9

Knowing your values is actually one of the most important things you can do as a freelancer. Why? Knowing your values means you can build a business that works for you, find clients that fit your values and navigate tricky situations where values clash.

The Tricky Client Conversations Emergency Toolkit– £29

A collection of 17 email templates and How-To guides, designed to help you deal with difficult client conversations. It provides advice on how to handle situations such as price increases and late payments, friends who want discounts, clients who push your boundaries, and those who don’t communicate. The Toolkit is designed to help you navigate tricky situations and help you build successful client relationships.


Freebies for freelancers


Find Out your Freelance Personality

What’s your freelance personality? Are you a juggler? A fresher? A suit? Or an entrepreneur? Find out in this quiz, and get some tips for how to make the most of your type.

5 Ways To Find Your Next Client

Grab your free super-short training on how to land your next client (because time is money when you’re freelance, and I want you to spend time implementing!)

Free Terms and Conditions template

Terms and Conditions can seem like an intimidating concept, especially when you’re new to freelancing. I’ve put together a free template to help you.

Join the Facebook group – The Freelance Lifestylers

The Freelance Lifestylers is a group for freelancers and freelancers-to-be who want to chat with other self-employed types.

Imposter Syndrome Toolkit

We all get imposter syndrome at some point. The key is knowing what tools will help you combat it! This free toolkit has lots of tips, from mindset shifts to practical tips.

30+ Ways To Find Freelance Clients

Want to find clients, but not sure where to start? This PDF is filled with lots of bitesize ways to find clients, from social media and networking, to referrals and pitching.

Creating Passive Income

Looking to get started with passive income? This free course is designed to take you through the basics of creating some passive income for yourself. I’ve included tutorials and walkthroughs of some of the tech you need as well, so you can get started making money asap.

Starting Your Freelance Business Checklist

Download your free Starting A Freelance Business Checklist now and start your journey with clarity and confidence!

Five Days of Automations for Your Freelance Business

Looking to upgrade your business and clients, but not sure where to start? Use these bite-sized tasks to get you started, so you can go from overwhelmed with admin, to overwhelmed with clients!

Graduate to Freelancer Checklist

Thinking about going freelance after Uni, but not sure where to start? Grab your checklist for everything you need to do to go from graduate to freelancer!

Resources for freelancers


The Freelancer’s Teabreak Podcast 

My podcast is packed with interviews, tips and advice on how to run a successful freelance business.

The Freelance Lifestyle Blog

My blog is full of tips, advice and inspiration for freelancers.

The Freelance Lifestylers Facebook Group

Join my Facebook group to connect with other freelancers, ask for advice and share your successes.


I hope you find something here that can help you take your freelance business to the next level!

Love the concept of this Everything Page? I learnt about it from Elizabeth Goddard! You can find out more about her £9 course on how to create it here (affiliate link).