Goodbye Halloween, hello Christmas! Ok, not quite yet, but there’s a strong chance I’ll be doing some admin in front of Elf in the next couple of weeks.

October was an interesting month on the work front, and I’ve had quite a few fun projects come up. After several months of things settling into a quiet routine, it’s been both exciting and a little bit unnerving to shake things up again. But I’m a big believer that personal growth comes from moving outside your comfort zone.

Want to see what I’ve been loving from October?

Freelance Life Favourites for October

Favourite Apps: HypeType

I’ve been using Instagram Stories a lot more recently, both for clients and my own accounts (I’m @TheFreelanceLifestyle), and HypeType has become a really useful part of that. Essentially, it’s an app to add animated titles over your images and add music, with lots of different styling options. You can also record straight in the app, using several different clips if you wish. I’ve really enjoyed using it as an introduction tile when sharing a series of behind the scenes shots on Instagram Stories.

Favourite Podcast: Walking The Dog With Emily Dean

This month’s new favourite podcast is Walking The Dog with Emily Dean, a series of celebrity interviews conducted while walking their dogs. It’s relaxed, funny and Emily is able to get the most interesting stories out of her walking companions.

Favourite Product: GVOREE Led Selfie Ring Light Mirror

While I love my little garden office, the lighting isn’t always the best, especially now the nights are getting darker. I ordered the GVOREE Led Selfie Ring Light Mirror, partly due to the lighting options, but also because it’s brilliant for having somewhere to put my phone during live streams and Instagram stories.

Also, it’s brilliant for angling away my chins and lighting away my eye bags.

Favourite Book: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

2017 has been the year of decluttering for me in every sense, and so I’ve been listening to Essentialism with interest.  I particularly like the idea of testing out what happens if you don’t do time-heavy things for a while. Will people notice?

What have been your freelancing favourites from October?