We all love a nugget of free knowledge, right? Well, we do once we leave school and suddenly appreciate the ability to learn all about something without forking out for a degree or college course. Education is wasted on the young, eh?

In the last couple of months, I’ve been using one little Twitter search to gather lots of new information, varying from how to use Facebook ads effectively to how to set up a great sales page. It’s been a big help to my business, and I’ve started to put quite a few of the bits and pieces into action.

Want to know what that Twitter search is? Of course you do!

Search on Twitter for ‘Free Webinar’. Then save it as a regular search if you use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. It’s about to get reaaaaally useful.

If you haven’t tuned into a webinar before, it’s an online conferencing tool where an individual talks to a large group of people. Webinars often have text chat windows for questions, but generally the audience don’t enter into the audio part of the webinar – it’s for listening. Which is great, as you can listen in while you’re stuffing your face with dinner and nobody on the other end knows…

Webinars are generally set up as a teaser for a product or service the individual is using (not always, some people use it as an added value product for their blog). Which means that at the end of the conference, there will be a section where they hit you up with their sales pitch. For an hour’s free information though, I’m more than happy to listen to that (or if you’re particularly ruthless, you can log out when that kicks in).

Some webinar providers will also send you a limited time recap link after the webinar has finished, so you can tune in whenever you’re free.

Aim to listen to one webinar a month, or one a week if you’re a freelancer. You’ll be surprised how much you learn!

Are you a webinar fan? What have you picked up from listening to one?

(Got a webinar coming up? Feel free to post about it in the comments!)