A month or so ago, I signed up for a scheme called Big Bloggers, Little Bloggers. It’s a scheme that matches up newer bloggers or those that want to take their blog to the next level, to those with a little more experience. I’ve been working with the lovely Ashley Stallings from Flats to Flip Flops to help her (although she’s teaching me lots too!) Her blog is a wonderful mix of fashion, parenting and philanthropy.
Here, Ashley explains a little more about her blogging journey (with a poetic edge).

So it all happened one night in September.
I threw some shoes on the lawn, snapped some pictures, and my blog, flats to flip flops was born.
If you know me, than you know that when I get an idea I kind of run with it.
Actually more like marathon with it, I guess.
A fashion blog?  Geared towards mom and real life women?
Sure, I can do that, what the heck?
Little did I know the world I was entering.
Late nights stressing out over posts.
Signing up for Facebook and Twitter and Bloglovin and Instagram and Hellocotton and Pinterest and the list goes on and on.
HTML, who?
I swear I had never goggled so much in my life!
And balance?
There was none.
My kids were left to their own devices.
My husband came home to a disaster and a crazy stressed out wife.
Blogging had taken over my world.
So how do you reign it in? ; ;
How do you stay at home, take care of your family and blog?
Here are just a few of my tips to taking back your world:

1.  Set a schedule.

I only do the bare minimum amount of work in the morning. ; All my posts are pre-scheduled so they pop up all on their own.
All I do is Tweet and Facebook that day’s post out to the world and I am done.
I save all of my other work(writing posts, commenting on other blogs, returning emails, etc) for naptime.
I make a list, do the most important things first and I get done whatever I can get done during naptime.
The rest of the evening is family time.
I occasionally work at night too, once the kids are in bed, only if my husband isn’t at home.
He deserves my time and attention when he is home.
Figure out what works best for you and your family.

2. Ask for help.

Oh goodness.
If only I would have asked how to write a guest post in html format.
It would have saved me a super late night, a fight with my husband and a few tears.
If you don’t know don’t be afraid to ask!
The blogging world is full of super nice, super helpful bloggers who are willing to take the time to help (like Miss Emma, for example)!

3. Take A Break

Can’t think of a topic to write on?
Didn’t have time to link up to your favorite linky party?
Don’t have time for that guest post?
It’s ok! You don’t have to write every day, you don’t have to link up to every link party known to man or comment on every blog every day.
Take time for a break.
This whirlwind called blogging can pick you up, twirl you around and never let you go if you let it.
Even if you want to take a week or a month off, it’s fine.
Your readers will understand and your posts might just be better for it!

4.  Enjoy it!

For reals people.
If you don’t enjoy it, it is not worth it!
Decide what you love about blogging and stick with that.
Let the other stuff go to the wayside.
Do you.
Be you and all the other stuff will fall into place!
So if you already blog, are thinking of blogging or are wondering how to make blogging fit into your world, those are a few of my tips.
Just make sure to enjoy your world, first and foremost because you only get one.
Happy Blogging!

Thanks Ashley!