I love using Voxer in my business! It makes coaching more accessible, more afforable, gives you room to verbally process things and take action.

Curious about how you can use it in your business, or curious about my Voxer coaching? Tune into this episode!


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Podcast Transcript

Hey everyone, I’m here to talk about Voxer coaching this week. Actually, I’m going to talk about Voxer in generalwhich I think you’re gonna like, because you’re listening to a podcast right now, so it seems like audio might be a great option for you. And something that you enjoy listening to or using to get your information. And that’s why I think talking a little bit about Voxer might be useful. So first of all, I’ll explain how I use it so, I use Voxer for coaching. So, just to give you an idea of what Voxer is, because I realise I haven’t. Voxer is a bit like a walkie talkie app, it’s a bit like WhatsApp, in that you can send each other voice messages and text format and you can attach files and things like that. But the key difference is, as I’m recording the audio, the other person can hear it as I’m recording it live. So, it makes the conversation flow so much faster. It’s really useful because they can be saying something, and they might want a quick yes or no whilst they’re talking and they can ask the question, and I can quickly type yes or no. So it’s nice and quick, but it allows them to have a really safe space to record all their thoughts, not feel quite like they have to constantly play conversation tennis, where it’s “how are you? How are you?”, they can just brain dump. And there are kind of three reasons why my clients tend to love it. Now, first of all, is the flexibility. So, a lot of my clients love that they can do sort of half an hour a week or a couple of hours every month or something like that, where they can sit down and have a conversation. They don’t need to be on camera or anything like that. It’s just voice messages. So I’ve got some who use it when they’re walking back from the school run. Others who they might do it while they’re out and about or while they’re multitasking. I have a fair few ADHD clients who do it whilst they’re like maybe cleaning the house or emptying the dishwasher, things like that, because it allows them to get sort of two things off their list really, coaching and the cleaning. And it allows them to switch off from the cleaning and switch on to the coaching. And also to squeeze it in between meetings. There’s lots of different times and places I’ve had people have Voxer coaching, probably the one and only times that we’ve kind of drawn the line is people at dentist and doctor appointments and things like that, the waiting room is not really the place for it. But it is really, really handy for that and you don’t even have to do audio, you can just send a message or a text on it. Some people prefer that. So, it’s a way of offering coaching in a much more flexible, accessible way. The second reason I love it, or rather my coachees love it, is verbal processing. Again, this is quite specific to neurodivergent people, but actually, I think it’s something that everybody benefits from. And that is that we often don’t process things until we say them verbally. So quite often in coaching, you will have someone arrive to a session, brain dump about everything that’s been going on and in that process of brain dumping they will work out a solution themselves or spot the problem or realise how they really feel about things. It’s so important to have that time and when you’re freelancing and working for yourself, you don’t always get the opportunity to verbally process things. You know you might have your partner come home if you’ve got one, and you might not want to brain dump on them too much and it might just be when you meet up with other freelancers, but you don’t want to do too much. Whereas in a coaching environment, and especially Voxer coaching, you have a lot more freedom to just verbally process things and work through them so it’s a safe space to do that. And the third reason is, it’s actually really useful to be able to reference back on it. So when you have, say, when I have coaching calls with clients, I have a recording available to them, but they still have to go through it. And even with the transcript, it does take a little while to find things. Whereas going back through Voxer, they can very quickly go back and see and with certain versions of Voxer as well, the paid one, which I think is only two or three pounds a month or something, you can see transcripts for each of the messages so you can quickly see what was said. So, it can be really handy to go back and reference it. And I tend to add in little summaries or little sentence to make it easier for people to first search back as well. So that is actually really useful as well to be able to go back when you’re on the go and just see what the conversation was. And I tend to do at the end of sessions a little summary in text, so you can go and see what we’ve discussed or what the goals were. But there are so many different ways that freelancers can be using Voxer. It could be as customer support, it could be as working with a client, you might find that they prefer using Voxer. I will say I’m moving towards using Slack now with the team that I outsource to, purely because the transcription tends to be a lot quicker turnaround and there’s just so many other tools in there that it makes much more sense. But it is definitely a tool that I used for several years before that. You could be using it as a group so I know I joined with Ruth Poundwhite, I think a year or so ago, where she ran a group one so she could communicate with people in a group and then everybody could add their inputs. But I think you can do it for broadcast as well, a bit like you can in WhatsApp. So, there are lots of different ways but it’s essentially giving people a more accessible way to communicate with you and contact you. And I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily something you have available to everybody. But for clients and people you’re working with, it can work really well. And I also offer it in my freelance business lounge on Tuesdays, they’ve got all day that they can drop me messages, and nobody tends to overuse it, people tend to come in with one or two things, they might want to send over something for me to read through or chat about a potential response to somebody or brainstorm some ideas or even brainstorm a project they’re coming up with so, it can be all those kinds of things. So, if you’re offering any kind of membership or anything like that, that’s a really good option to offer. And it also gets around the GDPR thing, because not GDPR, EU VAT that’s what I was going for, because you’re offering a live element. So, I just wanted to share some of those methods. If you’re thinking about maybe seeing if Voxer coaching for you, do get in touch. I offer really affordable ones, actually, they are probably more affordable to be doing that than if I was for example, doing face-to-face coaching and I do monthly packages where you can get accountability and also sort of half days and full days if you want to spend a whole day doing that. And one of the nice things about that is quite often it’ll be case that for a full day one, someone might pop in and we’ll have a conversation for an hour and then they will go right away for half an hour or an hour, work on something and then come back and we feedback on it. So, it can be a full day of both coaching and also achieving things so isn’t quite so overwhelming, if you’re an introvert. So, I hope that’s helpful. Do get in contact if you’re interested. You can find all the details on freelancelifestyle.co.uk or the links will be in the notes. Speak to you next week.

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