This week’s Freelance Lifestyle Tea Break Challenge is about something a lot of freelancers worry about. We spend hours trying to deal with it. It’s one of the biggest problems freelancers face. It makes us envious of those that get a set payday every month – Late payments from clients, and chasing invoices.

Chasing clients for payments is one of the most frustrating parts of being freelance. Chances are, you’ve heard a dozen different excuses as to why a client doesn’t pay on time.

But there are two steps you can take to either improve the speed of their payment, or discourage late payers. When I put these two steps into place, 60% of my clients started paying my invoices within one week of receiving the invoice. These were clients that previously avoided paying my invoices within 30 days – so this made a big difference to my business.

Want to know what those two steps are? Check out this week’s three-minute, Freelance Lifestyle Tea Break Challenge

Do  you use these two steps? What results have you seen?

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