googledocsWhat do you use for your documents? Are you a loyal fan of Microsoft Word, a regular user of Apple’s office package or do you go old school with the notes app on your phone or a pad and paper?

I’m a big fan of Google Docs, especially as a freelancer. Here’s why:

  1. Variety – With Google Docs, I can create a Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form and Drawing. I can also use a variety of other apps to enhance all of these.
  2. It’s free – Google Docs are completely free. No initial purchase, or extra packs to make (although there are plenty of apps you can download to use with Google Docs)
  3. Access online – Google Docs is a cloud based system, so I can access and update my documents wherever I am. I often update spreadsheets on the go, or send my Terms and Conditions document to a new client through the inbuilt sharing option.
  4. Easy to find docs – Well, it wouldn’t be a Google product if it wasn’t super-easy to find what I want. As all of my docs sit in Google Docs, rather than languishing in various folders on my computer, all I need to do is a quick search and I’ll find the doc I want.
  5. Collaborative – Far and away the best thing about Google Docs, is how collaborative it is. I often create content plans in a Google Doc spreadsheet, then share it to the client to approve. As it’s live, I can see exactly which cell they’re looking at, and see any edits in real time. Also, when I’m in my Gmail, I can attach a doc directly from my new message.
  6. Public – I can choose to make my links public, either through a link or just as a general public link. I’ve been using this for my eCourse (running again in January!), as I can give my coursemates access to a folder filled with the materials they need.
  7. Google Docs can be used in Google Hangouts – Recently, I’ve been testing out the Google Docs function in Google Hangouts. I can grab a doc from my drive and show my fellow Hangout attendees, which is handy when I’m referring to something in particular.
  8. Uploads – You an upload old documents to Google Docs, which is a nice way to clear up your desktop and back everything up.
  9. IFTTT syncing – Google Docs works with IFTTT, so you can set up triggers to do things like create a spreadsheet with all your expenses that come through your email.
  10. The sheer number of apps – I’ve mentioned the apps a fair bit, but there’s a brilliant selection of free apps you can use with Google Docs. Check out some of my favourites below.

Apps to try out

  • Movenote – Combines video and presentations, by allowing you to record a video talking the viewer through your presentation, while the presentation streams alongside. You can then save it and send it to someone, making it great for online courses.
  • PowToon – Great for creating animations to use on your website/blog
  • PicMonkey – image editing program PicMonkey is nicely integrated into Google Docs
  • Billable Contacts – If you fancy trying out a billing/invoicing tool within Google Docs, this is well worth a try.

 Have you experimented with Google Docs? What’s your favourite use for it?

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