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We’ve all been there. Those days when we have a To Do list full of client work, but no motivation to get it done.

There are actually lots of ways to get that motivation, and no one method works for everyone. Below are a few suggestions to get your work done.

  • Identify your frog. Regulars in my Facebook group will know my passion for The Frog. The Frog is the awful task you don’t want to do, but has to get done asap. The theory is that if you had to eat a big, horrible frog at some point today, it’s best to get it out of the way first thing rather than dreading it all day (read more about it in the Eat That Frog book). So identify your frog and get it out of the way.
  • Alternatively, choose the task that will get momentum going. I’m a huge believer in the idea that motivation follows action. So choose a small, enjoyable (but still business-related) task and get it done. In theory, you’ll get a little energy boost from completing that first task, and the momentum will start to kick in and make the rest of your day easier.
  • Look at your To Do list and work out what the top three things are that you HAVE to get done today. Then aim to do those. You might find after doing those three you have the momentum to keep going, or you might prefer to finish for the day after that, knowing you’ve ticked off some priorities.
  • Take the 5 Second Rule approach. I’ve just finished reading The 5 Second Rule, and it’s made a big difference to my unmotivated days. The 5 Second rule is where you countdown from 5-1, and take action. The idea is that counting down from 5 stops you making excuses or allowing feelings to cloud your focus. If you’re a Questioner like me (take Gretchen Rubin’s quiz to find out), the 5 Second Rule is perfect.
  • Check why you’re struggling to get motivated. A difficult client? An overwhelming workload? A lack of self-care? Sometimes a lack of motivation is a sign that we need to check in with ourselves.

How do you get motivated on unmotivated days?