As some of you may know, one of the things I do during the work week is teach young people about career skills – from CVs and cover letters to hunting down the perfect job. One of the things that they get very excited about is, Trovit. Trovit is a bit like Google Alerts, but for jobs rather than for mentions online. Every day, you’ll get an email digest of all the jobs that fit your specifications across all the big job sites – so it’s a bit like having your own virtual recruiter.

While this is great for students and graduates looking to land a job, it’s also a great tool for a freelancer – it also checks out sites like Elance and PeoplePerHour.

(This isn’t a promoted post, I just really like this tool)

Got five minutes? Let’s set up a Trovit alert.

Step 1: Head to Jobs at Trovit


Step 2: Pop in the search that you want to go for.

I’ve gone for Freelance in London as it brings up the most results, but I have regular alerts for Blogger and Freelance Online Editor.


Step 3: Finalise and enter your email

Happy with your search? Lovely. Hit the ‘Receive the latest job listings by email’ section and enter your email. That’s it! Now every day you’ll get an email summarising all the awesome freelance gigs you could apply for.


Bonus tip: Set up a divert so it lands in a special sub folder in your email. I’ve got it set up through IFTTT so it lands in my Pocket app to read on the tube.

Now you can sit back and let the job offers roll in (kidding – this is just something to compliment the pitching you’re already doing, not replace it). Why not Pin this post for later?

UPDATE: They have an app too!