In this week’s episode of the Freelancers TeaBreak podcast, Emma shares the behind-the-scenes tracking secrets of a successful freelancer. From discovery calls and coaching clients to social media following and podcast listens, she reveals the key metrics she monitors to keep her business thriving. Emma shares her tips and tricks for staying on top of it all, while also offering a new accountability offering for those who struggle to stay organized. So grab your cuppa and join the conversation in The Freelance Lifestylers Facebook group or drop a comment on YouTube, because this episode is filled with valuable insights and a whole lot of freelancing tips!

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What I track weekly in my freelance business

What stats do you track in your business? Sitting down with your team or coach to track these stats can help you stay on track, get focused on your next steps and notice the little wins!

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As a freelancer, it’s crucial to stay organized and keep track of important metrics in your business. Tracking key data not only helps you measure your progress but also enables you to make informed decisions and optimize your strategies. In this blog post, we’ll explore some essential metrics that you should consider tracking in your freelance business.

Summary of Main Points:
1. Discovery Calls and Coaching Clients: Keep track of the number of discovery calls you have booked and where they are coming from. This data will help you identify effective marketing channels and determine the ratio of discovery calls to client sign-ups.

2. Core Sales and Trends: Monitor your sales performance and identify any trends or patterns. Understanding which products or services perform well at different times of the month can help you set sales targets and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

3. Social Media Following: Track the growth and engagement of your social media accounts. Analyse what content resonates with your audience and identify areas for improvement. Focus on quality followers rather than just the number of followers.

4. Podcast and YouTube Metrics: Keep an eye on the number of listens or views your podcast episodes or YouTube videos receive. This data will help you gauge the popularity of your content and identify areas where you can improve.

5. Mailing List Size and Engagement: Monitor the size of your mailing list and analyse the performance of different freebies or lead magnets. Pay attention to unsubscribe rates and ensure that your newsletters provide value to your subscribers.

6. Facebook Group Engagement: Track the growth of your Facebook group and analyse responses to qualifying questions. This data will help you understand where new members are coming from and what they hope to gain from the group.

7. Task Management and Goal Tracking: Utilise project management tools like Notion to keep track of tasks, deadlines, and progress on your key goals. This ensures that you stay organized and can easily review outstanding tasks.

Call to Action:
Tracking these essential metrics is vital for the success of your freelance business. It helps you make data-driven decisions, optimize your strategies, and stay accountable. If you find it challenging to stay consistent with tracking, consider seeking accountability through a support system or exploring resources like Emma’s Voxer accountability package mentioned in the podcast (details and link below). Share your tracking methods and experiences in The Freelance Lifestylers Facebook group or leave a comment on the YouTube video. Start tracking today and take your freelance business to new heights!

What stats do you track in your business? Sitting down with your team or coach to track these stats can help you stay on track, get focused on your next steps and notice the little wins!

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