Last week, I spoke about what to do with all the ideas. This week, I’m sharing two ideas that are coming to fruition in September!


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Podcast Transcript

Hello. I recently talked about what to do when you have lots of ideas and how to deal with them. And that was very much coming from personal experience because I have had so many ideas this summer of things I want to do in September. I don’t know about you, I do know about you, because I’ve spoken to so many people about this actually, lots of people in my audience, or in the Facebook group, or in my membership, love September as a fresh start more than they do January. It’s got that fresh new notebook, new diary, fresh new page vibe to it. And some people have had a nice break over the summer holidays, it has that kind of fresh new start and there are so many things I want to do. And I’ve had to really assess what would work and what wouldn’t, and be smart about this. But there are lots of things I’ve got coming up in the month after September as well as a result. But I want to share two things that I’m going to be bringing back and introducing in September. Because one’s something I’m bringing back, which I had pre-covid before lockdown and things like that, and one is brand new. So, let’s tell you all about them.

So, the first one is called the Freelance Lunch Club. There is a chance by the time we get to September, I might have changed the name, but I feel pretty good about that. So, the freelance Lunch Club sessions. And these are going to be £9 workshops, where you will learn something in the first 20 to 30 minutes, and then for the rest of the hour, you implement it in a kind of co-working thing. So, everybody joins the Zoom call, we learn about lots of different things. So, I’ll be teaching about writing and pitching email, sorting your pension finally. I’ve got so many ideas that are all buzzing in my head. But there are so many things I really want to help people with, onboarding, a very basic onboarding system, even down to email templates, how to set them up, so that you can easily use them. But there’ll be lots and lots of different things for different freelance careers and things like that. My goal with it, is that this is not another thing to put in your to-do list, you turn up for the hour, you learn how to do it, and then you do it in the session. So, then you come away and it’s already done. I don’t want you to be adding more to your to-do list. And I really want to do things without creating portfolios. There’s so many different things and I’d love to hear what kind of things you’d like to see as well. But the idea is they’re not going to be huge in-depth sessions about massive topics. These are going to be tasks that I know a lot of freelancers have on their to-do list, and they never get around to, especially that pension one. So, I’m introducing these workshops. Now these workshops are going to take place every week. So, there’ll be a different one each week. But I will also be offering a kind of monthly membership to it. So people want to be getting all of these workshops every month, there will be a discounted rate for £30 a month.

So, I’m really excited for these. I’m going to be announcing the dates very, very soon. But if you’re on my newsletter list or follow me on social media, I will be sharing the details very soon as well. And I will have an early bird rate, I think as well, I haven’t decided exactly what it’s going to be but I will be announcing that very soon. So that’s the first thing the Freelance Lunch Club sessions. People who join that will also get access to the Facebook group just for students, which is really interactive in there. So, I’m really excited about that one because I think it’s going to be very practical and give everybody a nudge every single week to improve their business without adding another thing on the to the list.

The second thing is I’m bringing back Biz and Brew coaching. So pre-lockdown, I ran Biz and Brew coaching which was a monthly group coaching club. Now, I will say this is just for people who are able to make it in person. So I’m based in Berkshire, near sort of Reading. These are going to take place in a chocolate workshop in Hurst. If you don’t know my parents actually own a chocolate business and my sister runs it as well. And they have a lovely chocolate workshop there, which I’m going to be able to run these coaching workshops there. So, these are going to be two hour coaching workshops, a lot more in depth, than the Freelance Lunch Club sessions. They’re going to be talking about values, limiting beliefs, procrastination, goals. There’s gonna be a lot more in terms of these two-hour sessions and they’ll also be a little bit of chocolate to try and a brew to enjoy as well. I really loved, loved doing these. I love connecting with people, getting to know other local business owners and it’s a lot more affordable for a lot of people to be getting some kind of coaching, especially if these are only going to be £30 a session. So if you are local to me, so if you’re in the Berkshire area, so Reading, Woking, Winnersh, or if you’re able to make it to that area, I would love to see you at one of those. Again, the final date will be coming out very soon, when the first workshop will be so get on the mailing list if you haven’t already. But I’m really excited about both of these because they mean that I’ll be able to help a lot more people and connect with lots more people, but really make a difference to a lot of freelancers in terms of the practical things that they can do in terms of the Lunch Club sessions, and the deeper work that I can do through the Biz and Brew coaching in an affordable way. I know at the moment, it’s really challenging for a lot of people, a lot of freelancers, we are being hit more than most because of various reasons. And therefore, I’ve made sure both of these are really affordable options.

So just a reminder, if you want to know about either of those, the details will go out on the newsletter list. I have loads of freebies that you can access to join the list. You can either go to to join or go to freelance and click on the freebies. And you can pick whichever way you want and then join the newsletter from there. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you there!

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