Looking for new freelance clients? I’ve got three ways to find new clients that you might not have thought of.

  1. LinkedIn. Sure, you can post on there. But did you know you can search the jobs section for freelance gigs? And if you see a job that’s otherwise perfect, why not pitch them your freelance skills while they’re recruiting, to bridge the gap.
  2. Creativepool. Creativepool often lists jobs for the biggest creative businesses in the uk, and sometimes they have freelance ones too!
  3. Your own Facebook profile. So often, freelancers feel weird about posting about their work on their own Facebook profile. But you’ve got a whole network there of people who love you and want to support you, so share what you do so they can! If you’re looking for more ways to find clients, I’ve got just the thing. Check out my freebie, ’30+ Ways to Find Your Next Client.’ It’s packed with tips and tricks for finding new clients as a freelancer. And for those who want to dive deeper, my course, ‘Finding Clients Quickly and Easily,’ is waiting for you.

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Brand new podcast

🌟 Are you a Freelancer Eager to Find New Clients in 2024? Discover Three Innovative Methods! [Music]

🎙️ Hello, lovely freelancers, and welcome back to the Freelancers’ Tea Break! I’m Emma Cossey, and this is the podcast offering tips, tools, and friendly chatter for freelancers to enjoy during their coffee breaks. Today, let’s delve into the exciting realm of client hunting in 2024, exploring three methods you might not have tried before.

🔍 Quick Recap on the Four Key Areas:

  • Social Media: Embrace platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, blogs, and podcasts to showcase your services.
  • Networking: Attend in-person or virtual events; check out free online networking sessions.
  • Referrals: The golden ticket for established freelancers; let your stellar work speak for itself.
  • Pitching: Go beyond traditional job hunting; pitch yourself as an expert for various opportunities.

🚀 2024 Freelancer Success Strategies:

  1. LinkedIn – The Freelancer’s Haven:
    • Discover freelance roles in the job sections.
    • Search remotely and seize opportunities to pitch yourself even if they are advertising a position.
  2. Creative Pool – Unearth Gems in the Creative Realm:
    • Explore this online network for creative professionals.
    • Sign up for email updates and scout freelance jobs from major players like 21st Century Fox, ASOS, and DMG Media.
  3. Your Facebook Profile – A Hidden Gem:
    • Don’t overlook your personal profile; it’s an excellent platform to subtly showcase your work.
    • Share updates, project insights, or a day in your freelancer’s life to help friends and family connect the dots.

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🙌 Wrap-Up and Call to Action:

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🌟 Wishing all freelancers a fantastic and productive week! 🌟