Hacking it as a freelancer can be difficult.

Optimising space at home, organising everything you need to do, finding inspiration and new ideas.

My three favourite things might just help you with all of these hurdles.

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 Welcome back to another episode of the Freelancers Tea Break.  This is a first. I’m recording it on video as well as audio.  I don’t usually record my podcasts.  Not made up the camera  because it makes it so much easier for me to do but,  I think it was about time and I start recording some video episodes. and  this allows me to actually show you things as well as tell you about them.

So. If you’re listening to the podcast, I’m going to describe what I’m sharing.  If you’re not, if you’re watching, you’re going to be able to see it.  So and also a reminder the Freelancers Teabreak is the short sweet podcast., designed to be listened to or watched, during your tea break. Short and sweet tips,. And it’s been going for quite a few years now in an audio basis.

So this is a good trial of how it will go with video. 

And.  I’ve got some things to share with you. Some of my favorites. Some freelance things. So I thought I’d share a few of them with  you today.  And, if you are listening on the audio, but you want to watch on video? I’ll put the details for the Youtube channel below. All of the previous ones are on the YouTube channel as well. This will be the first video one. So I wanted to share a few things I love at the moment as a freelancer that I think you might like as well.  And the first one is. I’m going to hold these up, these are some giants, circular stickers, and they are white whiteboard kind of style stickers.

So you can draw on them. And then wipe them off with a dry eraser kind of pens. I think I’ve just  got a batch off of Amazon. And. The all different colours. And I think they’re designed for, like teachers to have the students and things but, I have mine,   I have a couple in my office. I have them on the wall so that I can keep track of my income and my goals. But I have also taken them out to networking events when I’m doing presentation. And use it to write notes that then I can put behind me, or people can take photos off and things of that. They’re so useful. And so many different ways.

So if you are doing presentations or even if you’re going to meet with people.  These are such an affordable way to all take notes together. And then you can wipe them off later or just take photos. They so there’s, I think there’s 12 in a pack. If you can get loads of different ones to search for. 

Giants. dry erase circles on Amazon, and I think it came in a pack of 12 and there’s loads of different colors, blue, orange pink. I think they’ve got some that are like, Blackboard ones as well.  But I find these so, so useful. And you would be surprised how often I end up pulling these out. My son has stolen a couple to put up in his room. Yes, they are surprisingly useful tool.

The second thing. Is I have a relatively small office.  On purpose. Like I could have used. The other spare room we have in the house as the office, but. I really liked that this nice and cozy. It’s right near the doors. So if the doorbell goes, it’s really handy. 

But it means I’m slightly more limited on space. 

I Unfortunately in. Locked into Apple in terms of like, I have an Apple iPad. I’ve got the iPhone watch all sorts of different things. The earbuds.  I’m not exactly happy about it, but that’s where we are. So I needed something that charged a few of them without using a load space and having loads of cables.  I got this charger.  Which, I’ll find the details and put it in the notes. But to give you a description, it’s like an accordion charger almost. It’s got three sections. One for your phone for wireless charging. One for your earbuds for wireless charging. And one with a bit that pops up for your watch. Now you can either have them flat so each of the three sections lie next to each other, or you can fold them up into a triangle. So it’s much easier.

And. Really good. Magnets on it. So they do. Stay. Like, if you put your phone on it. It will say up and with the new iPhone function, where if you have it sideways, It kind of gives you, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it gives you like your calendar and your details and you can quickly swipe up.

It’s quite handy for this function. Or just fold up. And just stick your phone on the top. So.  I like anything that reduces cables and it’s really handy when I’m working for my client’s offices or out and about. I can just throw that in my bag, Nice and easy to use. 

The third thing I want to share was the Freelancer magazine I’ve always got a ton of these,.  I’ve been, I think a subscriber since I think the second or third issue. And the most recent ones issue 11.   Now, if you’ve been a listener for a while, You might’ve heard the episode with Sophie who is editor and founder of the Freelancer Magazine, but it’s genuinely a really great magazine. It’s really creative. There’s loads in there specifically for freelancers. Even the adverts are so well-tailored to freelancers and they don’t feel like adverts.

They feel like they’re really tailored to you as a person.  So I would really recommend having a look at that. I think there’s a  virtual version. I just like the paper version. I don’t find many magazines now, apart from like,  freelancer magazine and homework magazine but I get the one digitally. So I can’t show that one at the moment. But both of those are really excellent magazines.  

So that’s three things that I really love at the moment. The dry wipe giant circles that you can put on the wall. You can also get, by the way, the dry wipe. You can get like Big stick a bit that you can stick on the wall. But I just liked that it’s fun and colourful. The charger, which charges multiple gadgets at once, but it’s really nice and foldable. And the Freelancer magazine as well.  If you enjoyed this. And you want to know some more favorites, maybe my favorite tools or.   Favorite books or things like that. Let me know in the comments or let me know on social media and you’ll find all the links down below. So that’s the first episode videod and done.  See how that goes. I might be back to do more. We shall see.