Welcome to the first Freelancer’s Teabreak podcast of 2015! Here’s the Soundcloud link to download if you want to listen on the go, or simply listen below. For those that are new to the podcast, it’s a snippet of a podcast designed to be listened to while you’re making a cuppa, looking at different topics around the freelance lifestyle.

In this week’s Freelancer’s Teabreak, the topic is resolutions. But rather than losing weight or getting fit, I’m talking about small monthly goals I’m taking on to tackle three areas of my life – business, fun and domestic bliss. By making small monthly goals rather than vague resolutions with no real plan, it should be easier to stick to – and there’s the potential to complete 36 different goals each year. Which, when you’re looking back on 2015 in the last few days of December, will feel you with a lot more joy and satisfaction than remembering the three Zumba classes and one spinning class you went to in January.

You may have noticed that these goals aren’t just business focused. One thing I realised last year, was that it’s easy to get bogged down in all the work stuff, and forget about the benefits of freelancing – the flexibility to do things your way and make time for doing more things you love. Adding in goals for fun and domestic bliss is a good reminder to make time to do something for you each month.

Post mentioned about daily routines.

What monthly goals are you setting yourself?