2023 has been a BIG year for me! In this episode, I reflect on my freelance year, what I’ve learned, and how it has helped me grow as a freelancer and as a person.

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Welcome back to the Freelancers Tea Break!

The short and sweet podcast that you can enjoy while making a cuppa.

I’m Emma Cossy, a coach for Freelancers, and I’m here to chat with you about tips, tricks, and advice for Freelancers.

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Freelance Tea Break!

The short and sweet podcast you can enjoy while sipping your cuppa.

This week, I did what most bloggers and podcasters do this time of year—reviewing the year, looking at what went well, what didn’t, and what we learned.

It’s been a significant year for me. Last year, I received my ADHD diagnosis, and this year marked my first full year on meds without shortages. With my new admin team through Access to Work, there have been substantial changes, growth, and challenges.

One of the significant takeaways from this year is that doing things the easy way isn’t morally inferior to the hard way. I’ve learned to make things easier for myself, questioning whether there’s a better way for my brain.

Highlights of the Year:

  • Started working with an admin team to overcome challenges and improve productivity.
  • Transitioned from working alone to managing a team—a learning curve but rewarding.
  • Shifted from Teachable to Podia for courses, offering more flexibility and content creation freedom.
  • Implemented the PQ mindset system, allowing for a more positive approach to failures and learning.
  • Explored new formats, like the Freelance Lunch Club, offering valuable lessons in a structured way.

Challenges and Adaptation:

  • Overcame conflict avoidance while managing a team.
  • Navigated the impact of AI and cost of living changes on Freelancers.
  • Shared insights on the adaptability of Freelancers in response to market shifts.

Looking Forward:

I’ll be doing a Q&A episode soon, addressing questions from the audience. If you have any questions or want to share your biggest lessons from this year, feel free to connect on Instagram or join our Facebook group—details in the description.

Thank you for joining me in this episode of the Freelancers Tea Break. If you found it useful, consider leaving a review on your preferred podcast platform.

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As always, have a lovely week, everyone!