Fancy a challenge for April?

Want to up your Instagram game?

Want the accountability of a group of other Instagram users?

You’ve come to the right place! In April, Daire Paddy and I are hosting StoryVEDA, a twist on the popular VEDA (vlog or video every day in April/August) format, focused on using Instagram Stories.

Each day, we’ll have a new prompt for you to use for Instagram Stories. It might be to share a goal, a top tip or a book you’re loving at the moment. Each daily challenge shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to do, but will hopefully give you some great content to share, some inspiration, and who knows – maybe even a new client or two!

Sound good? Simply fill in the form below to join our accountability group, and check out the spreadsheet below for others in the group who you’d like to follow. Below the spreadsheet you’ll find the prompts. Then don’t forget to use the hashtag #StoryVEDA in your stories! 

Your Daily Prompts

  1. Intro + why you’re doing #StoryVEDA

  2. Camera lover or hater (and why)

  3. One big goal

  4. Insta tip

  5. Share a struggle – watch others and help

  6. On the bookshelf

  7. Unwind

  8. How you plan

  9. People who inspire you

  10. Tools

  11. What you’re up to

  12. Your morning unfiltered

  13. The best advice, the worst advice

  14. Journaling process

  15. Where you find inspiration

  16. Quote me on this

  17. Fave listens

  18. What kind of creator are you

  19. Workspace

  20. Unfunk yourself

  21. How do you help?

  22. #workwithme full day

  23. Apps

  24. Work schedule – yay or nay

  25. One thing that makes your life easier

  26. What’s on your wishlist?

  27. Share your values

  28. What keeps you on track?

  29. Fave Story technique

  30. Where else can we find you?