This summer will be my last one before my son starts school, and school holidays become a Real Thing. It’s all a bit unnerving as a freelancer! So I’ve been thinking about how to survive the summer holidays as a freelance parent, and I’ve come up with some survival plans!

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how to survive the summer holidays as a freelance parent
  1. Follow @Fiveminutemum and @play.hooray on Instagram for some brilliant activities you can set up with your kids, that will give you focused time with your kids AND encourage solo play.
  2. I know personally, if I’m on my phone when I’m around my son, my irritation levels are sky high. So I’m going to commit to some screen-free time every day to give him really focused time.
  3. Setting boundaries with clients is going to be an essential part. Whether that’s making it clear what hours you’re available, or getting ahead before the holidays. Be honest, most clients will totally understand. Or outsource for a few weeks to another freelancer.
  4. Batch like a mofo! Use the first half of the year to batch create some content to see you through the holidays, so you don’t need to worry about blogging or writing newsletters through the holidays.
  5. Plan out your year accordingly, so you know you can take your foot off the pedal a little more during the summer. For example, run a launch in the Spring, so you know you have a busy few months, and then can relax a little during the summer, and then have another launch or offer in the autumn to kickstart things again.

Obviously, this is all in theory, so I’d love to know what your tips are!

How do you survive the summer holidays as a freelance parent?