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How to Follow Up with Enquiries (without the Ick)

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As a freelancer, following up with clients is a crucial part of maintaining relationships and securing new opportunities. However, many freelancers find the idea of following up intimidating or pushy. In this blog post, we will explore some simple and effective ways to follow up with clients without feeling overwhelmed or intrusive.

1. Personalised Messages: Instead of bombarding clients with formal emails, consider sending a friendly and personalised message. This could be a simple check-in, sharing something relevant you came across, or addressing any questions they may have about a previous conversation. By keeping it informal, you gently remind them of your presence without applying pressure.

2. Utilise Social Media: If you have an existing rapport with a client on social media, it can be a natural platform for following up. However, be mindful not to invade their personal space if you don’t typically communicate through social media channels. Use your judgment to determine the appropriate platform for each client.

3. Closure Email: If you’ve attempted to follow up a couple of times without receiving a response, consider sending a closure email. This email acknowledges that you haven’t heard back and assumes they may have chosen a different direction. Wish them well and express your interest in keeping in touch. This email either provides closure or prompts them to respond and clarify their intentions.

If you find yourself struggling with tricky client situations or unsure how to handle specific scenarios, consider exploring the Tricky Clients Toolkit. This resource offers a collection of email templates and message templates to navigate various challenges faced by freelancers. From raising prices to dealing with scope creep, the toolkit provides valuable guidance to enhance your freelance business. Check out the details in the description and empower yourself with effective communication strategies.

Following up with clients doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By adopting a more informal and personalised approach, you can gently remind clients of your presence without being pushy. Remember to utilise appropriate communication channels and, when necessary, send closure emails to provide clarity and closure. With these strategies in mind, you can master the art of following up and strengthen your relationships as a freelancer.

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