Are you considering going freelance or have you been doing it for a while and found some hurdles along the way? In this episode of The Freelancer’s Teabreak, I’m answering the top 5 most common Freelancer FAQs that I get from my freelancing clients.

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Freelancer FAQs Summary:

Welcome back to the Freelancers Tea Break!

The short and sweet podcast that you can enjoy while making a cuppa.

I’m Emma Cossey, a coach for Freelancers, and I’m here to chat with you about tips, tricks, and advice for Freelancers.

Hello, welcome back to another episode of the Freelancers Tea Break!

I am creating a lot of content at the moment, writing and recording, and my lovely team is editing it. Hence, the festive Christmas shirt – imagine the cheesiest one possible if you’re not watching.

In this episode, I want to address some common frequently asked questions. I reached out on Instagram and received some fantastic questions. I’ll be covering topics like what you should invest in when starting freelancing, how to fire clients, dealing with feast and famine workflow, and planning for the year ahead.

Common Freelancer Questions:

  1. What is worth investing in early on?
    • Emma’s Advice: Invest in a good accountant and a solid contract. Both will reduce stress, potentially save money, and establish good habits.
  2. Three things you wish you’d known when you went freelance.
    • Practical Tips:
      • Put away 25-30% of your income every month.
      • Embrace failure as a sign of trying and taking risks.
      • Build a strong freelancer network for collaboration, not competition.
  3. How to fire clients?
    • Emma’s Approach: Check your contract, keep it professional, and ensure you have written documentation. Use professional email templates if needed.
  4. How to deal with feast and famine workflow and income?
    • Emma’s Advice: Put away savings, monitor your income patterns, and consider special offers during anticipated quiet periods.
  5. How to plan for the year ahead?
    • Emma’s Tips:
      • Have an intention but be flexible as a freelancer.
      • Plan holidays, time off, and self-care.
      • Utilize a client-finding strategy to maintain a steady workflow.
      • Be flexible with your dreams.

Thank you for joining me for this episode of the Freelancers Tea Break!

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Happy holidays, everyone!