Got something that’s been on your list forever and is draining your energy, bit by bit? Sure, it might be a five minute task…but it never ends up at the top of your To Do list! In this week’s episode, I nudge you to get it done!


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Hello everybody, this is a very quick podcast episode to remind you to do that job that has been on your list forever, that you’ve been putting off, putting off, but will probably only take 5/10 minutes. And I’m reminding you this because so often this is a thing that is draining you. If you feel like you’re not looking forward to work at the moment, everything seems to be fine, you can’t put your finger on what it is. There is probably one job on your list that you’ve been putting off forever and you keep meaning to get around to doing it and it becomes in your head this massive job that you’ve got to get done and it doesn’t need to be. And it’s that job that once you get it done, you feel like someone’s just taken a weight off your shoulders and you feel energised again and you feel excited again. And you didn’t realise how much that one little task on your to-do list was weighing you down.

Now I am mentioning this because on Friday I am doing a workshop, Freelance Lunch Club Workshop, all about sorting your pension finally. Because this is another one of those 5/10 minute jobs that is probably sitting in your waiting list, waiting for you to get it done, making you feel guilty. So basically, if you want to join us and you haven’t done your pension, definitely come join us. But even if you don’t, I would love for you to have a look at your to-do list and see what it is that is draining you. What is that five minute drain on your to-do list?

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