Chrome Extensions

Do you use Chrome? Here are a few of my current favourite chrome extensions that make life easier for me as a freelancer.

1) OneTab. I recommend this one at least once a week! It’s a Chrome Extension that collapses all your tabs into one summary tab. So when it’s 3pm and you’ve realised you have 20 tabs open and your brain feels like it might just meltdown, hit the one tab extension and it’ll collapse them all! You can then go back in and click each one to open them….but honestly I rarely end up doing it. Plus, it saves a history of your collapsed sessions.

2) Multicopy. This is a super-handy extension if you end up copying and pasting a lot of the same messages and copy. You can use it to save content you copy and paste a lot, so you can right click and grab it. I find this particularly useful when working with social media clients where the same sort of message will be repeated a lot.

3) Hyperwrite. I’m only in the early stages of using Hyperwrite, but I’ve found it a really useful AI tool to get started with. I firmly believe that it won’t replace copywriting or content (I haven’t used it for this post at all), but it helps with research and getting started with things like sales pages.

4) MixMax. I’ve been a huge fan of MixMax for years as a Gmail user. IT adds so much extra functionality to emails, from adding in polls, availability and link previews, to my favourite function – saving email templates. I love this for onboarding new clients in particular.

5) Checker Plus. While I’m chatting about Gmail, I downloaded the Checker Plus extension recently and find it really handy for checking my emails quickly from the drop down box in my toolbar, without spending too much time in my inbox.

6) Extensity. If, like me, you have a lot of extensions, Exensity is a great way to toggle them on and off from the toolbar.

What extensions do you love in Chrome?