This week, I have a guest on the podcast – Berenice Smith. Berenice has been a member of the Freelance Lifestylers FB group for a while, and she’s been a support to so many in the group – but especially those who are childless not through choice. Being childless not through choice is still something of a taboo. While freelancing might be an attractive option for those who are parents due to the flexibility, it’s absolutely not the only reason. In fact, when I recently asked the group why they freelance, flexibility, mental health and choice over the clients you take on were more common than childcare reasons. It’s important that we consider our language and actions to make sure everyone feels included.

In this episode, we talk about Berenice’s freelance journey, the language and actions we can take to be more inclusive of those who are childless, and the support out there for those who are childless, whether that’s by choice or not. The tweaks she’s suggesting are small but powerful, and I’d really recommend taking the time to listen to this episode (plus Berenice is an absolute delight!). One key takeaway from what Berenice shared,  was to swap “your children” to “the children in your life”. A simple change, but one that can make a lot more people feel valued.

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About Berenice

I’m Berenice and I believe that good design is the secret to being seen. I’ve been a designer for years. Probably since primary school when I won three Blue Peter badges for drawing competitions! I remember watching careers videos at school and nothing appealed until I saw the story of a commercial artist. I can still recall that moment as if a light bulb was switched on. That was my vocation, and I claimed it! I’ve since gained a Masters degree in graphic design and typography and speak in universities and schools, sharing my story. I look forward to inspiring you too. Since adopting my rescue dog, Molly eight years ago I’ve been growing Hello Lovely and create design for print including books and marketing, website design and branding.

Berenice Smith is a graphic designer who create design for print including books and marketing, website design and branding. Fun fact, she won three Blue Peter badges for drawing competitions!

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