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It’s been a fun week here at Freelance Lifestyle HQ. I merged my Instagram accounts, so I’ll just be using my @Emmacossey account going forward. I’ve also landed a new digital client, a few new coaching clients, and a current client called me “Laxative for the creative mind”, after I helped her unblock her creative flow (she’s done AMAZING things since). That might be the best compliment I’ve ever had.

While I was chatting away on Instagram Stories at the weekend, I shared this little meme of questions for freelancers >

I was pretty surprised that many didn’t read any business or self-development books. As a self-confessed junkie of self development books, I thought it might be useful to come up with some business/self dev book recommendations for people who don’t usually read them.

So, I shared them on my latest podcast episode! 

All of the books I’ve mentioned have theories that can be applied to your professional and personal life. From one that helps you overcome your fears, to another which helps you work out the best way to motivate yourself.

Pour yourself a cuppa and grab a mince pie (yes, they’re already in the shops!). It’s freelance teabreak time. 

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