I don’t know about you but Black Friday seems to be getting longer and longer but also more and more urgent.

It’s becoming impossible to sift through the hundreds of Black Friday offers and know which ones are actually worth it.

Here are my top tips to consider before spending your hard earned cash. 

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Free Agent –  Award-winning accounting software and first-class support.


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Brand new podcast

Welcome back to the Freelancers Tea Break, the short and sweet podcast that you can enjoy whilst you’re making a cuppa. I’m Emma Cossie, a coach for freelancers, and I’m here to chat to you about tips, tricks, and advice for freelancers.

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of the Freelancers Tea Break. Welcome. If you’re new to this, I have just started doing them on YouTube, but I have been running the Freelancers Tea Break podcasts on itunes and Spotify and all the other places online for many years now. The whole point of this is to make it something really useful that you can listen to while you’re enjoying a cup of tea as a freelancer. And this week, unsurprisingly, I’m going to be talking about Black Friday. Now, I know a lot of people feel a lot of pressure during this week to put on special offers and compete, and there’s so much noise. I don’t know about you, but I’m recording this on Monday and my inbox is already slightly full of Black Friday offers and there’s also a lot of temptation to be spending money and buying things.

So I wanted to share sort of three tips for Black Friday. This is more going to be about buying rather than if you’re going to be offering anything. But I do want to say for Black Friday, please don’t feel pressured to put on a special offer. There is actually an argument that it’s better not to do it because there’s so much noise out there at the moment that you’re going to be competing with a lot of other people. But then also there’s an expectation and there can be some real benefits for doing a good Friday offer. Only do it if it works for you. But I want to talk about what are you going to do if you’ve got all these emails coming in and if you’re like me, you’re a bit of an impulse spender.

What do you need to think about before you spend anything as a free and answer during Black Friday? So my first one is to, first of all, go have a look at your subscriptions. Are there any subscriptions that you’re currently paying for monthly? And there is a Black Friday offer from that supplier offering an annual or a lifetime offer that is hugely worthwhile doing. Now, I would say it needs to be something that isn’t something that is just slightly better than they offer all year round. And I would also suggest having a look at which ones you’ve been using for a long time. Say free agent.

I’ve been using free agent for absolute years. I know I would be safe to buy their annual or their lifetime membership on, whereas a tool that I might have just started using or just being launched, I will probably wait until next year. I might feel slightly gutted that I haven’t got it. But you’ve also got to remember that a lot of these people will be using techniques saying you’ll never see an offer like this again. You probably will see an offer like that again. So have a look at your subscriptions and see if A, you can financially afford to get the annual, the lifetime membership and it would save you money, and b whether you actually need to. This is also a good chance, by the way, to go through your memberships and make sure your subscriptions, whether they’re ones that you still would want to be doing or if you’re on the right plan and vice versa.

So that’s all one. The second thing I want you to think about is the return on investment. So if you’re going to invest in something or buy something, what return on investment is it going to bring for your business? So I’m going to go back to the example of free agent just because I’ve already said it. I know that that gives me huge peace of mind. It makes my life a lot less stressful, it makes my accountant and my bookkeeper’s life a lot easier because I have all of it on there. It’s much, much easier.

So for me, that gives me a lot of return on investment. There are other products that I might think are fun. Like, I’ve been someone that has bought bundles in the past and then I just never use any of the bundles, I never make the money back. Are you going to get some kind of return on investment? Whether that is the time that you get back, the money you get back, or lower stress levels, things like that, I want you to have a think about what return on investment you will get with those Black Friday deals. And the third thing is go use your cashback websites if you use them. So quidco, top cashback go into those and I actually have them on my chrome toolbar to make sure it’s really easy, it pops up, but don’t forget to use them, especially if you’re buying something bigger.

It won’t apply to all of them, but it is well worth looking. And also have a look in your inbox and see if anyone has sent you any kind of affiliate offer. So, for example, some of the affiliate programs I’m part of you will get a discount if you go through them or you get some kind of add on if you go through them. So have a look through those sorts of things, but make sure you’re getting the best possible deal by using the top cashback. If you haven’t used cashback, by the way, before, all it does is you click through their link and then you get a small amount back. And it doesn’t have to be a big part, it can be like three, 4%, 1%. I just bought some Lego and I used the cash back.

It was for that and I sort of made sort of ten quid back, but I’d already got a discount for something else, so it was just a little bit of a bonus. Same goes for things like if you’re traveling and things like that. If you use your cash back, you can use that. You can download the Quick code top cash back apps on your phone as well, and click through them. You can even do it for like, delivery, things like that. So, yeah, that’s the third one. I want you to think about cash back and how you can make sure that you’re making the most of that wherever possible.

So those are my three ones. I’m going to summarise them. Number one, check your subscriptions and your memberships and see if there’s any good deals there that make sense and that you can at the moment financially afford to do annually or even a lifetime. One. Number two, check the return on investment. Is it going to be worth it? And number three, cheque your cash back.

Is there a cashback link that you can use? I hope that’s helpful. Please don’t worry too much about the Black Friday sales. It just feels so pressured. And actually some of them, like Amazon, I go, I’ll go on there and actually they’re not even that great, but you just feel like they should be because they’re talking about how amazing these Black Friday deals are and they’re no better than the ones that they do the rest of the year. So it might be worth also having a look back through your emails and seeing the last time I did special offers and compare it and see if the Black Friday offers really are that amazing. Good luck and I will see you in the next episode.

Thank you for joining me for this episode of The Freelancer Tea Break. I hope you found it useful. If you want to connect with other freelancers, do come join us in the Facebook group, The Freelance Lifestylers. It’s completely free and really lovely and supportive. You can also find out more information on freelancing at freelancelifestyle,co.uk. And as always, I’d really appreciate it if you were able to take a moment to leave a review on the podcast platform of your choice.