Coming up this month: National Freelancers Day, a collaborative podcast episode, Pride Month features, and talks for graduating students. Stay tuned for exciting challenges, inspiring advice, and opportunities to elevate voices. Don’t miss out on the action-packed month ahead!

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Welcome to another episode of the Freelancers Tea Break! In this episode, Emma Cossey shares some exciting updates and opportunities for freelancers. From National Freelancers Day to collaborative podcasts and Pride Month celebrations, there’s a lot happening in the freelancing community. Let’s dive into the main points discussed in this episode.

1. National Freelancers Day: Emma is launching a five-day challenge which will be launched to help freelancers find clients and promote their businesses on social media. Follow her on Instagram (@emmacossey) to participate and celebrate the joys of freelancing.

2. Collaborative Podcast: In the upcoming episode, Emma invites freelancers to share their advice for new freelancers. Using SpeakPipe, a voice messaging tool, participants can record their tips and insights. This collaborative episode will be released on National Freelancers Day.

3. Pride Month Celebrations: Emma aims to use her platform on Instagram to amplify the voices of LGBTQIA+ freelancers. Throughout June, she will feature three freelancers from the community, highlighting their work and unique perspectives. Show your support by following them on Fridays via Emma’s Instagram stories.

4. Graduation and Freelancing: As graduation season approaches, Emma emphasises the importance of considering freelancing as a viable career option. She is currently conducting talks at Swansea Uni and offers a course on freelancing after graduation. If you know any graduates interested in freelancing, reach out to Emma for guidance and support.

If you’re a freelancer or aspiring to be one, take advantage of the opportunities mentioned in this episode. Participate in the five-day challenge, share your advice on the collaborative podcast, and support LGBTQIA+ freelancers during Pride Month. Additionally, if you know any graduates exploring freelancing, connect them with Emma for valuable insights and resources.

June is a busy and exciting month for the Freelancer community. Emma Cossey’s updates and initiatives provide freelancers with valuable opportunities to grow their businesses, connect with like-minded individuals, and celebrate diversity. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes and make the most of these exciting opportunities. Happy freelancing!


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