YD7_2T36Tell us a bit about you!

I’m Travis Bennett, a freelance writer and web developer based out of Bangkok.

How long have you been freelancing, and why did you start?

I started freelancing almost 2 years ago, as was looking for some extra income on the side. I stopped as I had a couple of demanding jobs that followed, and then took it up seriously mid 2013 focusing on creating and turning it into a business. Haven’t looked back since.

Let’s talk about the start of your day – Are you an early riser, or a night owl?

Early riser, but have seen the sun come up on a number of occasions when deadlines needed to be met.

What time do you start work?


Do you work from home?

Predominantly yes, though enjoy the social atmosphere of coffee shops and co-working spaces when I’m not on a time crunch for a deadline.

What’s your working routine before you start work?

Hot cup of coffee, shower and get out of your pyjamas. Despite what they say about being productive in your underwear – I don’t buy it.

Do you take a lunch break?


How do you tend to spend your afternoons?

Working! If I’m on top of everything I like to go to the gym or to Muay Thai.

How do you stay motivated? Do you have any particular techniques?

Traditional to-do list. Have a target goal for profits each day and make a plan in the morning of what needs to be done.

What time do you tend to sign off for the day?

Depends. 6pm on a normal day. Others work all night.

Tell us – what’s your favourite thing about freelancing?

Being able to set my own schedule, and choose clients that I want to work with.

And your least favourite thing about freelancing?

Not having co-workers around for a chat when you need 5 mins of down time.

What tools/apps/gadgets/things could you not live without as a freelancer?

Laptop is key, as well as a massive external hard drive for all my stock photos, design stuff, etc. Love the bluetooth mouse and keyboard that lets me work from the sofa while my screen is up on the TV.

Where can we find you online?

Business: http://studiodigita.com
Personal: www.travbennett.com
Twitter: travbennett

The Big Question – What’s the secret to your success?

Do it better than the other guy. If you want the highest paying gigs, you need to be miles ahead of what the competition is offering, whether it’s on quality, services, or ease of doing business.

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