As a freelancer with ADHD, staying focused is something I can struggle with so today I’m sharing some of the tools I use to stay productive, especially when I’m tired. Obviously, getting enough sleep is a great place to start, but if that’s not an option then I have other strategies.

It would be great to hear about other tools you use to help you focus and I’d love to hear how you get on with these strategies.

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7 ways to get focused as a freelancer

How do you focus when you’re tired but have a deadline to hit? In this week’s podcast episode of the Freelancer’s Teabreak, I share my favourite tools for staying focused (especially as a freelancer with ADHD!) ***Tools mentioned in the video*** Sunsama: (affiliate link) Flown (body doubling and accountability):

Prefer to read it? Here are the main points! 

As a freelancer, maintaining focus and productivity can be a challenge, especially when faced with distractions or a lack of sleep. In this blog post, we will explore some practical tools and techniques to help freelancers regain their focus and get things done efficiently.

Summary of Main Points:
1. Brain Dumping: When struggling to focus, start by jotting down all your thoughts and tasks on paper. This helps clear your mind and provides a visual representation of your priorities. Highlight the immediate tasks that require attention.

2. Sunsama: Utilize a task management tool like Sunsama to plan your day effectively. This tool allows you to create to-do lists, convert emails into tasks, and allocate time slots for each task. It helps you prioritize and manage your workload efficiently.

3. The Four C’s of Motivation: Inspired by Jesse J. Anderson’s book “Extra Focus,” the four C’s – captivate, create, compete, and complete – can help boost motivation and focus. Find ways to make tasks interesting, inject creativity, introduce competition, and create a sense of urgency to stay on track.

4. Classical Music: Experiment with background classical music, meditation music, or lo-fi music to create a focused environment. Spotify offers playlists specifically designed for concentration. Find the genre that works best for you.

5. Setting a Timer: Use the power of time constraints to your advantage. Set a timer for specific tasks to create a sense of urgency and prevent procrastination. Parkinson’s Law suggests that tasks expand to fill the time allotted, so setting shorter time frames can increase productivity.

6. Flown Sessions: Consider joining a co-working community like Flown, where you can work alongside others virtually. These sessions provide structure, accountability, and a supportive environment to stay focused on your work.

Call to Action:
Try implementing these tools and techniques to enhance your focus and productivity as a freelancer. Experiment with different strategies and find what works best for you. Share your experiences and favourite tools in the comments below. Remember, small changes in your environment and approach can make a significant difference in your ability to stay focused and achieve your goals as a freelancer.

Wishing you a productive and successful freelance journey!

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