It’s podcast time! Pop the kettle on, grab your favourite biscuits (hell, it’s Wednesday, cut yourself a huge slice of cake) and have a listen to this week’s three minute Freelancer’s Teabreak.

*Apologies for the sound quality on this one, this is what happens when you wear a microphone on a noisy top*

A slightly longer podcast this week, all about three things I’ve given up recently (or at least cut down on) to make the most out of my time as a freelancer. I think as freelancers we’re all constantly trying to be more efficient and get more out of time, but sometimes you don’t notice the things that really are sucking time out of your day. For me, those three things are: TV, toxic Facebook groups and not completing tasks. Listen to the podcast to find out more, then come tell me in the comments how you’ve boosted your productivity.

What are your top productivity tips?