Lovely things my clients say about working with me.


Lovely things my clients say about working with me.

Client Love…

“Emma is my first port of call whenever I want to uplevel my freelance business, and my first recommendation for anyone considering freelancing. Her Freelance Business Lounge provides the best ongoing support I could imagine – a growing list of resources, regular chats, offers for services, and a friendly group to provide cheerleading and accountability! Emma is the freelance QUEEN “.

Rebecca Broad

Freelance Communicator

“I am a member of Emma’s Freelance  Business Lounge, and it is a treasure trove of resources for a freelancer or small business. Emma also ran a 90 day goal setting workshop in January and I set my goals for the quarter. It has really focussed me on what I am trying to do in my business. If you are not a member of the Lounge, you should join up when she next opens the doors.”

Sally Farrant 

Management Accountant at Business Growth By Numbers

“As a freelancer, it’s so easy to get all ‘in your head’ about everything, lose perspective and get stuck on how to move forward. I had the most lovely coaching call with Emma, where she reassured me that I wasn’t losing the plot, gave me loads of resources to help with things I was stuck with or that were sucking up too much time, and most importantly got me excited about the business again. Highly recommend you speak to her if you’re freelance!”

Amy Lainchbury

Tasty Comms

“What can I say? Being a business owner can be a lonely old thing, and sometimes you just need some impartial and expert advice to call on. Emma has become that person for me. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she is also a calm, kind and thoughtful coach – genuinely acting as a cheerleader for my business. She has become an integral part of my business decision making and helped coax me into making some big ideas start becoming reality. If you’re looking for accountability with a pinch of tech and a whole lot of knowledge, you need Emma in your life.”

Laura Parker

Shoreway Business Support

“Emma has an amazing way of making you feel heard and understood. In the early days of setting up my business I needed a lot of help and it wasn’t always easy to find the right people. By pure synchronicity I found Emma and we just clicked! She is knowledgeable, generous with her information and most importantly, kind. After a couple of one-to-one sessions with Emma, I felt more empowered on the technical side of what us business owners have to do, and even though I still have a lot to learn, I know I can reach out to Emma again to get sound information that works! I highly recommend Emma to anyone embarking on a freelance lifestyle, she’s amazing!

Mandy Deakin-Snell

Executive coach

“When I joined the business lounge I had work coming in but was in need of a new challenge. Working through Emma’s group exercises and having the support of the group really helped me focus on what I was needing. I now have a handful of new and exciting projects and opportunities lined up for 2020 and feel I am moving my career forward”

Lyndsey Clark

Freelance museum and exhibitions consultant

“The Freelance Business  Lounge is some of the best money I spend on my business/myself. The resources in the membership are so useful and the support through the private group and weekly calls help keep me sane! Freelancing can be lonely (even if you’re an introvert) so for me the group support alone is worth it, all the additional materials are just a huge bonus. I can’t recommend the Business Lounge enough, it has been hugely helpful on my freelance journey.”

Alexis Bushnell

Freelance Social Media Manager at Bushnell Community Solutions

“Being in the Business Lounge feels like having a freelance family – there’s always someone there to offer a helpful perspective, a piece of advice, or a virtual hug! The weekly calls keep me accountable – plus seeing and talking to other people about what’s going on in our businesses is incredibly reassuring. The coaching exercises Emma runs are where I can really feel myself being supported and stretched. I can honestly say I set and achieve goals that I wouldn’t without The Business Lounge”.

Rebecca Broad

Freelance Communicator

“Thanks to a 45 minute 1:1 with Emma, I’ve been able to map out my sales funnel, update my website and am working on a guide that I can sell and that will also provide the structure and content for my social media posts. All of the content and the ideas were in my brain already, some of them I had ages ago and had forgotten about – but the conversation we had helped me put all the pieces together!”

Nina Lenton

Project Management Expert

“Emma has been hands-down the best careers advisor I’ve ever had. With a rare combination of objective insight, pragmatic wisdom and individual compassion, Emma has motivated me to make the most of a negative career situation to kick-start the freelance career of my dreams; she assists freelancers in breaking down their goals into manageable tasks, provides highly useful, well-prepared and practical workshops and advice, providing insider knowledge and support, and her weekly mentoring sessions throughout the process were efficient, encouraging and friendly. Thank you Emma for all of your much valued help!

Eleanor Veness

TV & media freelancer

“The Freelance Business Lounge is packed full of resources and has everything you need whether you’re at the start of your freelance journey or have been going for a while. Emma is an experienced freelancer and coach. She shares her years of experience so you can hit the ground running and not fumble your way through freelance life. She also brings her calmness to the group and is great to chat to if you’re having a wobble.”

Lisa Pierce 

Tech & Marketing Strategist

“If you’re really good at what you do, and know you are, but have one of those mental blocks where you’re getting more and more cross with yourself for not being able to “just get on with it”, you NEED to book one of Emma’s coaching sessions.

The 90 minutes I spent with Emma yesterday was most productive 90 minutes I’ve had in a very long time. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Blockage gone, wordsmith wizardry is now flowing. I’ve got a focus and a plan and I’m excited about working to achieve it. Thank you Emma!”

Claire Warner

Fundraising Consultant

“Emma’s coaching sessions bring so much clarity to any project in such a short amount of time, I honestly don’t know how she does it. She basically helped me get my passive income stream up and running within half a day, AND busted through some business blocks in my client work too! She’s also a super supportive coach long after the session ends and has helped me so much by being my cheerleader. I adore Emma!”

Lea Rice

Social Media Consultant at Heart & Soul Digital

“Thanks to coaching with Emma, I’ve become much better at using my available time to do the things that matter to me, bring fun, challenge and novelty to the less interesting bits and most importantly, be kinder to myself. The last bit is the hardest, so having a coach like Emma who celebrates your wins and helps you to see the gifts when things don’t go as planned is not a luxury, it’s a must-have.

Working with Emma has helped me grow as a person and plant my business idea seeds. I’ve developed a programme for ADHDers, Creativity Crops, ADHD Ideas Farming, to do the same for others. Emma is also great at helping you discover new tools that work for you and your business. In a nutshell, Emma is a human fertiliser – the organic kind!”

Anj Cairns

ADHD coach

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Pitch Tips

Pitch Tips

Organise a ‘drop-in’ session in a coffee shop, where people can get 10-15 minute consultations, in exchange for the price of a coffee.
Find a Twitter chat for your area or industry and get involved!
Jump on Instagram Stories and record an introduction story to add to your Highlights.
Share a testimonial on your social media channels.
Ask for testimonials from clients, either with an e-mail template or through LinkedIn.
Update your Google My Business listing, and download the My Business app to update it regularly.
Ask your clients to review your business on Google My Business.
Share a ‘thought-leadership’ post on LinkedIn. More eyes on your content, more eyes on your profile!
Make a note of all the promotion days in the Facebook groups you’re in, and create an eye-catching graphic or photo for them.
Offer to add clients to a monthly newsletter where you update on news relevant to them (and the services you have that can help them with it!).
Offer clients and past clients a referral bonus. This could be a £10 Amazon card, a complimentary hour of your services or a small % off their next invoice.
Pitch yourself to podcasts as a guest.
Write a list of 10 companies you’d love to work with, and follow them on social media. Interact! Build a relationship. Then pitch.
Follow the #journorequest on Twitter for PR opportunities.

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