Earlier on the week on Twitter, @AshLawrenceRye cc’d me into a conversation about working from home in the cold. It was suggested that I cover this on The Freelance Lifestyle, given that many of us have to deal with this.


Thanks to a broken boiler, this has been my reality this week. I spent most of the days working on the sofa in my onesie, under a blanket with a hot water bottle and a mug of hot chocolate. Which all sounded rather marvelous, but I suspect the reality would have been featured in one of those ‘when Pinterest goes wrong’ articles. To be honest, the image on the right above would be a flattering portrayal. But I am, nonetheless, obsessed with cooler days and the delights of keeping warm. Which is perhaps why so many mispronounce my surname as ‘cosy’.

Anyway, if I WAS one of those effortless women who shrugs on a cashmere vest top and a pair of lounge pants and curls up perfectly in a spotless home, I would probably buy all of items featured below.

(HA! Kidding. As if being untidy usually stops my shopping habits)

I asked the lovely freelancing types in my Facebook group Freelance Lifestylers (it’s free, why not join too?) what they did to keep warm without resorting to upping the heating. Here’s what they had to say, along with some suggestions of things that could keep you cosy.

Working in the boffice with an electric blanket – thermal layers – lots of socks! Doing star jumps in your breaks HAHA. I’m thinking lunchtime baths should be added to this too. Fran Reynolds

41U7+-vW0tL._SX425_This is a heated cape. A heated cape people! Sure, it’s not the kind of thing you hit up a networking event in, but it’s snuggly. It’s £49.99 on Amazon.

Currently working under a blanket, wearing Uggs! Also, when it just gets unbearably cold in our flat (we have storage heaters that as far as I can tell basically require witchcraft to set up properly) I head to the library and work from there -it’s free, it’s warm, and there’s a coffee shop! Emily Jayne Phillips 


Simple heated slippers aren’t enough. Nope. You need Narwharl heated slippers! Firebox, £24.99. (They’re the unicorn of the sea donchaknow?)

Side note – I love how many freelancers are supporting and working in their local libraries.

Layers and layers of socks! Staying in the warm bed longer, and doing workouts. I hear dogs and cats are helpful too, but apparently it’s frowned on to borrow them just for personal heating. Jo Shock

cableknitsocksBoux Avenue is one of my favourite places for cosy loungewear, and these pom pom socks (£15) are divine. Cats are also a useful substitute. Not to wear, obviously.

Hot shower then layer up. Fleece lined woolen socks Madeleine Noble Jones

Cosy ChristmasLush is always my first stop for comforting treats to add to my bath. The Cosy Christmas box above is full of treats including the Hot Toddy shower gel, Snowman Jelly, Celebrate body lotion and Snowcake soap.

I have a plug in heater for when it’s freezing but I don’t want to heat the whole house. I also find that when you do have the heating on, setting it to come on for just an hour at lunchtime helps to maintain a good temperature without being too extravagant. Oh, and finger-less gloves are good for typing! Katie M Anderson

screenshot755I also love a good pair of fingerless gloves. Accessorize have a particularly cute collection, including Fairisle ones above (£14).

Slipper booties, leggings, blanket, hot beverages every half hour. Or pop out to library for free heating. Kerri Walker 

screenshot756On the tea front, I’m rather addicted to these Twinings flavoured green teas, especially the ginger bread one. With it being green tea, I can convince myself that it’s healthy too. It’s like cake you don’t have to chew.

I now seem to have taken a rather more drastic approach and I’m looking at flights to warmer climes! Madeleine Noble Jones

Well, this is the main benefit of being freelance really, isn’t it? The ability to, in theory, be location independent! Good shout.

Tell me how keep warm during the colder months when you’re working from home? What products do you reach for?


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