If you’re a regular reader, you probably aware of how enthusiastic I am about the benefits of home working. My personal experience is that working from home makes me more productive, less stressed and I’m more confident about taking on new skills and responsibilities.

So when I came across the infographic below, I was pleased to see more businesses embracing the virtual workforce approach. In fact, 56% of senior leaders and hiring managers from Fortune 500 companies with over 5,000 employees believe virtual work will increase in their company.

Asia is currently leading this move in working styles, with 76% of Asia-based businesses planning to increase telecommuting and teleconferencing in their company, compared to 53% in the USA.

It makes sense really for businesses to consider increasing their virtual workforce. A reduction in office costs, increase in productivity and potentially an increase in job satisfaction is undoubtedly a good thing for any business. Additionally, it also widens the recruiting net, when an employer isn’t restricted to looking for people in the local area. Obviously it’s not an option for all companies, like retail, but for office-based employees it’s definitely a consideration.

That said, companies do need to be aware of employees feeling disconnected, so it’s worth organising face-to-face meetings occasionally too, along with regular appraisals.

(Source: Mashable)

If you had the option of working from home, would you take it?

If you already work from home, how do you find it affects your work?

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