When I think about business women I admire, I think of women who do some pretty amazing things – but aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and transparent when they make a mistake or need to make a change. I’m a huge believer in honesty, and I feel uncomfortable when people aren’t upfront about their reasons for change.  So, in the spirit of this, I want to be transparent with you and explain why I’m halving the price of my 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle e-course.

A little history on the pricing of the course

The reason I created this e-course was to help people like me six years ago – people who were starting to go freelance but didn’t know what the hell to do. I was confused about how to deal with tax returns, the term ‘pitching’ gave me the shivers and dealing with clients and payments. I created this e-course to help people have the courage to break out of a job they didn’t enjoy, to pursue a career where there’s the freedom to choose who they work with, on what, wherever they want and whenever they want.

Initially, I priced the course at a very silly price – £10. Then it went up to £30. I had lots of sign ups and heard great stories about people finally leaving careers that didn’t empower them, and living the dream of being self-employed. Gradually, as I added more and more additions to the course – an ebook, videos, podcasts, two Facebook group – the price increased. Last week, it sat at £199. I really do believe it’s worth that much. It’s packed full of a whole month of content, a community to support you and me on the end of an email for any further questions.

Why the reduction in price?

But it became a price that many freelancers-to-be couldn’t afford. Which defied the point. I really want to make this something accessible and affordable for those that want to make the jump. To help promote the idea that freelancing really is a viable career option – and it can be secure (I’ve ranted about this before, but basically – most jobs only offer 30 days of job security through a notice period, while freelancing for several clients can actually be MORE secure as you’re spreading the risk).

So, I’m dropping the price from £199 to £99.

There are lots of lessons to be learned from this. That raising my prices isn’t always the best bet – especially when I feel a bit uncomfortable with doing it (there are times of course when raising your prices is both important and essential for business growth). But mainly that I need to continue to revisit the core values of this site, which is to aid freelancers and educate people on how freelancing can enhance their lives.

Sound good?

You can sign up here. 

Ooh, free stuff

Additionally, I’m now offering a three day free taster of the e-course for my email subscribers, so you know if it’s right for you. I use a tool called Fedora, which means you’ll be able to login and access the classes at any time and take the course at your own speed. If you’re already on the list you’ll get the link today. If you’re not, you can sign up here for your weekly slice of freelance news and chatter.

p.s Don’t worry, if you’re an established freelancer there’s a freebie in there for you too!