It’s been a great week on the blog, with three brilliant guest posts from Fran, Fi and Betty Bee. Go have a read if you haven’t already. Big thank you to them, I hope you all found their posts as interesting as I did!

Instead of my usual podcast this week, I’m doing something a little different. Yesterday, I started the Savvy Sexy Social VEDA challenge. For those that haven’t come across it before, VEDA is the Vlog Every Day August (it also takes place in April). Video blogging is something I’ve been looking to do for a while, because I have a feeling blogs are going to have to embrace other multimedia methods as well as writing in order to continue to succeed. Putting your face out there is scary, but I fully believe in doing something every day that scares you a bit. How else are you going to keep learning?

Plus it means I brush my hair and slap some make up on each day. Which is no bad thing. I can’t promise I won’t occasionally rock the smart above the table/pj bottoms below the table look for videos though…

So, here’s my channel. Feedback is welcome but remember that I’m very new to this so please be kind!

It’s only day two and I’ve got a lot to learn, but if you’re tempted to do the same you can still join in. Pop on over to Savvy Sexy Social and pop your name down on the list and get vlogging. Amy from Savvy Sexy Social has kindly put together a calendar of topics to cover for the month, so you shouldn’t be stuck for ideas.

If you’re already a vlogger, do you have any tips? Lighting suggestions? Camera recommendations? YouTube no nos? Let me know in the comments! Feel free to leave your link to your YouTube channel below too, I’m always interested in watching other videos.