The Freelancers Teabreak
You’d think recording a three minute weekly podcast would be a breeze. Especially as I don’t tend to faff about with editing it. But this week, it took me three attempts at recording this episode.
Attempt 1 took place in my car. I had dreams of recording a breezy podcast while driving like Russell Brunson’s excellent Marketing In Your Car podcast. Unfortunately as a) I don’t drive a quiet Hybrid and b) the podcast was scattered with silences as I attempted to multi-task and swears when someone neglected to use their indicator, the recording was useless.
Attempt 2 went perfectly. I recorded it into Evernote….then accidentally deleted it with a tap of my thumb on my iPhone. Goodie.
So, you’ve got attempt 3! This week, I’m talking about three of the perks of freelancing that you don’t necessarily think about when you go into it.

What have you discovered since going freelance? New friends? New skills? New ambitions? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or by joining my Facebook group.