Between Freshers’ Week at work, packing for the big move (and dealing with numerous hiccups in the house buying process), this particular weekly feature has turned into something of a monthly one.

Dork Adore Tumblr

A couple of weeks ago I set up a Tumblr for Dork Adore. It’s a place to share all the stuff we love, but don’t quite get the time to write about. So far, we’ve covered everything from geeky romantic posters (top right) to robot tea strainers (bottom right).

We’ll be posting up two new items each day, so feel free to give us a follow and let me know if you find anything worth adding.

ProBlogger post on increasing traffic

I tend to scan over posts that claim to improve your traffic (how many times do you really need to hear ‘post regularly, link back, comment more’?). But this guest post on ProBlogger by BlogStash actually has some pretty interesting suggestions. I won’t be rushing out to buy an engraved giant flip flop anytime soon, but I will be trying out the Odiogo plugin.


I adore autumn. It’s easily the prettiest season, with the rusty leaves, morning mists and conkers, and cosy stews are always going to win out over summer salads. I wrote a piece over on Dollymix this week rounding up all the best bits about autumn – and threw in a bunch of autumnal pictures for good measure.

Featuring on A Thrifty Mrs blog

A Thrifty Mrs kindly linked to my post on five myths people believe about freelancers yesterday. I’m really chuffed about this, as I love her blog. Go check out her recent posts on saving old nail varnishes and her hilarious live blog on watching Eat, Pray, Love.

My latest purchase

This arrived last week:

I love it.

What things are you loving this week (or month)?