Last week, I started a new series of posts where I set a weekly freelancing challenge. The first challenge was to set yourself five goals for the end of 2012. How did you get on?

This week, it’s all about finding your USP. Stick with me people, it’s not just a sales buzzword! Finding your Unique Selling Point is essential when you’re working in a competitive industry. It’s quite easy to promote your work, but how do you make yourself stand out from the rest?

Your USP could be your location (I concentrate on working in the Home Counties rather than London which is overcrowded when it comes to bloggers and copywriters), your skill set, your contacts or your experiences. You might specialise in a particular sector or work with a specific type of customer. It’s actually much easier to build a brand for your business when you can tell people exactly why you’re worth hiring.

If you’re struggling, think about the USPs of big brands. What makes Apple stand out? Or Moonpig? Or

Have you found your USP? How did you decide on it?