The Weekly Freelance Challenge does exactly what it says on the tin. Each week, I’ll set a challenge that I will take part in, and it’s open for anyone to join in. One week it might be about improving productivity or finding new clients, and the next week it might be about how to lead a healthier freelance lifestyle. Feel free to join in and leave a comment with your progress, leave a comment on my Facebook page or use the Twitter hashtag #TWFCUK (a football team have nabbed TWFC!).

Last week’s challenge

Last week, the Weekly Freelance Challenge was to try and fit in half an hour’s exercise each day. I managed to do that last week, thanks to a combination of 15 minute yoga sessions first thing, lunch time walks, two gym work outs, one with my sister, bowling with the fiancé and a lot of shifting boxes at the weekend for a car boot sale! I actually find it easier to fit in a little bit of exercise every day, rather than just doing it on certain days, as it begins to feel like part of my daily routine.

How did you get on?

This week’s challenge

This week, my challenge is all about Twitter. The Twitter bio to be exact. I wrote mine ages ago, and although I occasionally tweak it, I often forget about it. So this week, the challenge is to have a read of your Twitter bio, and give it an update if you think it needs it. Think about what other people might like to read, especially as it’s often the decider for whether someone will follow you. Does your bio properly represent you? Don’t forget to throw in some keywords about your business to make it easier for people to find you.

(If you don’t have a Twitter bio, check out your Facebook About Me section, or your About section on your website.

Once you’re done, let me know how you’ve got on in the comments!