freelance lifestyle weekly challenge

Today, most people go back to work. Begrudgingly in many cases, I suspect (actually I know this for a fact – my Twitter feed was full of miserable people). Keeping all those new resolutions can be a lot trickier when work stress is piled on, and that slice of chocolate cake, glass of wine or skipping the gym for an evening on the sofa will be all the more appealing after a commute to work.

So, here’s my suggestion. Chuck out the resolutions. Trying to start ten new resolutions in one month is asking for trouble. Instead, grab a piece of paper and write out ten goals for 2013. Then split them into monthly tasks. THEN split them into even smaller tasks, to do weekly (if needed).

Additionally, throw in a fun goal for each month. Is February all about upping your fruit and vegetable intake? Throw in a dinner party goal at the end of the month, or splurge on a little herb garden for the kitchen.

I’d love to hear what your 2013 goals are, so please do share them in the comments below!