Confession time people: I’m not a natural fitness fan. I’m more commonly found on a sofa than doing yoga. But with falling energy levels, poor health and an upcoming wedding, I’ve had to re-assess my previously lazy routine. Plus, all the evidence suggests that regular exercise will improve concentration levels, productivity, reduce stress and . So getting more exercise really is good business sense.

Therefore, this week’s weekly freelance challenge is a somewhat selfish one. I’d like to challenge you (and me!) to do 30 minutes of exercise each day of the working week. I’m already working with a personal trainer twice a week as I’ve got a fair bit of weight to shift in order to be healthy again, but for most people half an hour a day is quite achievable.

30 minutes of exercise could be as easy as:

  • A brisk walk at lunchtime, even easier if you have a dog to walk. If you usually meet a friend for coffee, try arranging a catch up walk instead
  • Try the Couch to 5k running plan
  • An early morning swim
  • A quick yoga session (there are plenty of free YouTube tutorials about, or pick up a bargain Yoga DVD on Amazon)
  • A workout class – book ahead if you can so you’re committed to going.
  • A session on the Wii or Kinect. Several of the Just Dance workout videos have timed workouts to make it easier, and I think some of the sports ones do too.
  • Put your favourite music on and dance round the house.
  • Split the half an hour into sections, doing five minutes of exercise each hour.

How do you fit exercise into your daily routine? Get it over and done with first thing? Or take a lunch break away from your desk to work those muscles?