freelance lifestyle weekly challenge

Happy new week everyone! I don’t know about all of you, but the last couple of weeks have been a bit dark and dull for me. Being stuck indoors with the snow hasn’t really helped. But yesterday’s burst of sunshine has got me excited about work and life again.

This week, I want to talk about creating a freelance network. One of the things about freelancing, is that you can develop a wide range of skills for business. You can focus on social media and blogging (like me), but develop skills in PR and graphic design too.

But the reality is, you can’t offer a client everything they need. Not at a high quality level anyway, when you’re on your own. So, it’s worthwhile creating a network of freelance contacts who you can refer a client to. For example, I have a digital partnership with a freelance PR friend, Sally Todd. I refer my clients who want PR work done to her, and she refers clients who want social media or blogging to me. That way, we can provide a variety of skills and services to each client – which means they’re more likely to stick around too! When one of my clients is looking for a graphic designer, I send them to Michelle Allen or Caroline Pole. When people need help with tax returns and account, I send them over to Rosie at One Man Band Accounting (as a bonus, she gives clients homemade brownies!)

Creating a freelance network can increase your referrals, give clients a better service and give you a lovely support network for when you’re struggling with a freelance issue.

The Challenge

So, this week, the challenge is to contact one other freelancer who offers a different service to you, and ask if you can refer any relevant work to them in the future. Hopefully, they’ll return the favour!

Do you have a freelance network?