This week’s Three Minute Podcast is all about outsourcing. It’s come from a couple of conversations I’ve had recently – one with my mum about how to make more time, and one with Sally Todd about how to expand your business when it’s just you in the driving seat. I’ve been looking at how to expand my business for a while, but I’ve been somewhat limited by how much time I’ve got – especially when you add chores, a new fitness regime and a social life into the mix.

So, I’ve been looking at how I can outsource some elements of my life so I can focus on the bits I enjoy, and I’m passionate about (I’m not passionate about cleaning. Definitely not. Hence why this is the area I’m outsourcing). Financially it’s a good decision too, as those four hours I get back a month mean I can work more and therefore earn more. Time is money and all that. This is one area that Americans are much better at – there’s almost a pride thing in the UK, that you have to be a superwoman and do EVERYTHING.

Got three minutes? Take a break, grab a Kitkat and enjoy this week’s three minute podcast.

Then, let me know what part of your life you’d outsource in the comments!

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P.s over on the Facebook page, we’ve had some interesting suggestions. Who wouldn’t want a personal chef and a chauffeur?