At the moment, I’m reading ReWork, a book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson all about how our current perception of how a business should work isn’t how it has to work (thanks for the recommendation Kerri Chalk!). The pair explain how people doubted their business would be successful when none of them worked in the same office (or even the same country). They went on to launch a number of popular software packages, including Basecamp, which are aimed at small businesses, freelancers and remote workers. Their ability to be flexible with the rules,or even break them, has been the secret to their success.

The reason I mention all this, is because I’ve just come across this infographic below that backs up how important it is for businesses to embrace flexible working and remote working. While many businesses have trust issues regarding employees working from home, those who have embraced remote working have noticed a higher level of productivity – and they’re able to attract and retain talented employees much easier. With technology getting better and better, the need to work in an office is becoming less important (which hopefully means you’ll have to go to less pointless meetings – but that’s another blog post entirely).

This infographic is interactive, so you’ll need to pop over to to view the full content.

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How do you feel about flexible or remote working? Are you already a remote employer/employee? Let me know what you think about this working direction in the comments!