What happens when you offer your clients an amazing marketing service…but fail at tooting your own horn?

For over six years now, I’ve been offering social media marketing and online content services to my clients. I feel pretty damn good about the services I offer – and the results I’ve achieved. Especially when I’m working with clients who have the kind of products or services that I can’t wait to tell people about. I LOVE helping people make their great stuff more widely recognised.

But when it comes to my own? Nuh uh. I fail at tooting my own horn. 

Y’see, when you pour your heart and soul into a product or service, it becomes a really personal, emotional thing. I definitely feel very protective over the ecourses and ebooks I’ve done. To the point of being scared to put it out there for fear of rejection or negativity. Essentially, I’ve become an overprotective mother when it comes to my products.

Well, that won’t do. 

In 2015, I’ve decided to make a change. Instead of trying to promote something I’m too emotionally attached to, I’m doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a while…