Summer tends to be a time when I reflect and work on my personal development. A lot of my clients are on holiday, so it’s the perfect opportunity. But it’s also a time when I assess what I’m currently doing – and what I’m doing wrong.

This summer, I’ve realised that there are several things I do that stop me being as successful as I want to be. Things that are, generally, easy to overcome but are constantly pushed to the bottom of my to do list.

Listen to this week’s podcast to find out how I changed two things in my life recently (one personal, one business), to make my life easier and make room for success.


If you love the idea of unblocking negative aspects of your life, I highly recommend you check out LuckyBitch (affiliate link, I only recommend things I love myself).

How do you stand in your own way? What fear do you want to face to improve your life and business? Let me know in the comments!