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During last week’s #freelanceUK twitter chat, I noticed a few people chatting about how they didn’t have many other freelancers to talk to. I’ve been very fortunate to have a great network of people I can talk to through Twitter, the Google+ communities, certain projects (the team at Dork Adore, the High Tea Cast and Aigua Media are all particularly lovely) and local networking. But I understand that’s not the case for everyone – and varies depending on the type of freelancing you do.

The Freelance Friends and Mentors Project

So, here’s the idea. Match up readers of the Freelance Lifestyle with each other, to mentor, learn from each other or simply have another freelancer to bounce ideas off of.

There are three different ‘roles’ in this project:

  • Mentors – Have you got good experience of working for yourself, and you’re eager to advise an up-and-coming freelancer? If you can spend 1-2 hours a month chatting over email/Skype/Google Hangout with a newbie, choose the ‘Mentor’ option below.
  • Newbie – Are you new to freelancing (less than a year)? Want someone who can spare an hour or two to help guide you on the right path? Choose ‘Newbie’ from the drop down list below.
  • Friends – If you’re looking for someone to discuss ideas with, collaborate with or simply want to get to know more freelance locals, ‘Friends’ is the box to tick!

Just fill in the form below to get involved. Don’t forget, you can also chat to other freelancers during the Twitter chat, and on the Freelance Lifestyle G+ community. It’ll be open until the end of February, then I’ll get matching!

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