Coming up with something for ‘H’ in the A-Z of Freelancing was trickier than expected. Holiday would have been the obvious option at this time of year, but I’ve already covered how to take a holiday before. Instead we’re going to look at the far less festive, but very essential, health and safety at home.

Do you work from home?

Have you ever performed a risk assessment on your workspace?

I’m guessing for a decent proportion of you, the answer is ‘no’. Me included. But it’s a good idea to do one, to assess your current working situation and see if anything needs tweaking. HSE have a useful guide to this. But the section really worth a read, is their Working with display screen equipment (DSE) booklet, which contains lots of info about how best to sit, how far you should sit from your computer screen and the correct amount of light required.

This is officially the dullest post I’ve written so far for The Freelance Lifestyle. But it’s an essential part of what you have to do if you’re going to work from home today, so it’s worth putting aside an hour or so in the new year to do it.