Freelancing and working from home often goes hand in hand. Which is great, but it can sometimes make the whole work/life balance thing tricky. I’ve talked a lot on the blog about the difficulties of sticking to work hours, and the problems with friends and family not respecting your workspace. Thankfully, freelancing doesn’t mean you have to work from your sofa (you can, obviously. In fact, I often prefer it). But you can work from a co-working space, a coffee shop, a library or from one of the increasingly creative garden offices and sheds around.

For example, did you know you could work in one of the following unusual workspaces?

Obviously most of them are pricey (I was lucky that the previous owners of our house had already built an office on to the side of the garage), but a freelancer can dream, right?

Check out ShedWorking and WorkFromHomeWisdom for a few more unusual working from home options.

If you could build a dream office at home, what would it be like?